Nova Scotia RCMP

As Nova Scotia's provincial police, the RCMP serves and protects Nova Scotians from Cape North to Cape Sable Island, and everywhere between.

Under the direction of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice, we provide provincial, municipal and federal policing across the province.

Our 53 detachments are located in three districts: Halifax; Northeast Nova; and Southwest Nova.

Keeping Nova Scotians safe

Most of our 1,400+ employees (1,000+ police officers and 400+ civilians) work on – or in support of – the frontline, in general duty policing. A number of officers are assigned to specialized sections that support police operations at the district level. And others work in federal units that handle matters of national and international scope.

Our work

Our public safety work includes:

  • Preventing and investigating crime
  • Providing support to victims of crime
  • Supporting border integrity, national security and counter-terrorism
  • Offering vital operational assistance to partner agencies across the province

In their daily work, RCMP officers are:

  • Responding to calls and conducting investigations
  • Making arrests and pursuing charges
  • Conducting patrols and traffic enforcement
  • Responding to Mental Health Act calls
  • Attending court
  • Conducting curfew and wellness checks
  • Attending sudden deaths
  • Participating in community events

Our policing priorities

In addition to day-to-day policing duties, we work with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice to identify areas of public safety that require a strategic, targeted policing approach. Currently, we dedicate special focus to:

  • Gender-based violence
  • Hate-based crime
  • Human trafficking
  • Internet child exploitation
  • Serious and organized violent crime

We continue to develop our:

  • Cultural competencies around service delivery
  • Recruitment and retention programs
  • Critical incident response
  • First Nations policing programs

We're also committed to implementing the recommendations outlined in the:

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