Our expertise

As the provincial police service for Nova Scotia, the RCMP has a number of specialized teams to help keep our communities safe, such as:

Critical Incident Program
  • Crisis Negotiation Team: Using communication, persuasion and specialized tools, crisis negotiators conclude volatile incidents peacefully
  • Emergency Response Team (ERT): Emergency Response Team offers tactical response to a variety of critical incidents, such as armed and barricaded persons and hostage takings
  • Police Dog Service (PDS): Our Police Dog Service service is trained to detect explosives, firearms and narcotics; our dog teams also search crime scenes and conduct search and rescue missions
Human Trafficking Unit (HTU)
Human Trafficking Unit conducts human trafficking investigations and facilitates victim support
Major Crimes Unit (MCU)
Major Crimes Unit investigates homicides, attempted homicides, suspicious disappearances, drug trafficking activities and sexual assaults
Provincial Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE)
The Internet Child Exploitation unit locates and helps child victims of sexual abuse and identifies those responsible for the crime
Underwater Recovery Team (URT)
Underwater Recovery Team assists with tactical operations, underwater searches for missing persons and recovery of evidence
Victim Services
Our Victim Services team, comprised of RCMP officers and volunteers, provides support to victims of crime and trauma

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Work with municipal police agencies

In partnership with municipal police services across the province, we have a number of collaborative investigative units. We also assist other police agencies by offering support through the RCMP's specialized programs and services.

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