Our funding

The RCMP, as a service provider, works within the budget allocated by local and provincial jurisdictions, which impacts our policing capacity. The RCMP in Nova Scotia is funded through three models:

Provincial Police Service Agreement (PPSA)

The Provincial Police Service Agreement is the provincial policing contract between the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia. Through the Provincial Police Service Agreement, the federal government funds 30% of our policing budget and the provincial government funds 70%

Community Tripartite Agreement (CTA)

Community Tripartite Agreements are agreements between federal and provincial governments. In Nova Scotia, there are seven Community Tripartite Agreements. Through these Community Tripartite Agreements, the Government of Canada funds 48% of our budget; the Government of Nova Scotia funds 52%

Municipal Police Service Agreement (MPSA)

Municipal Police Service Agreements are agreements between federal and municipal governments. In Nova Scotia, we have five Municipal Police Service Agreements. Through the Municipal Police Service Agreements, the Government of Canada funds either 30% or 10% of our policing activities and the municipalities fund the balance.

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