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Impaired driving - Resources

Access resources and tools to help educate youth about the consequences of impaired driving.

Lesson plans

Our three ready-to-use lesson plans on drug-impaired driving can help you engage with grades 9 to 12 students.

Drug-impaired Driving Overview
  • Explains how drugs impair driving abilities
  • Explores common myths
  • Offers prevention strategies
Preventing Drug-impaired Driving
  • Demonstrates the impacts of cannabis on brain function
  • Explains the legal and social implications of impaired driving
  • Explores preventative measures
Drug-impaired Driving: Youth Engagement
  • Makes the consequences of impaired driving relevant to youth
  • Offers tools to help youth make positive decisions and take action

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Download handouts to help educate youth about the consequences of impaired driving.

Brochure: Things you should know about cannabis

A brochure to help inform youth on cannabis effects and laws, how to reduce potential risks, and how to identify legal cannabis.

Brochure: The Truth - Youth and Drug-Impaired Driving

Get informed on the effects of drugs on driving, the law and how to help young people make safe decisions.

Infographic: Marijuana - We'd like youth to know

Bust myths and clarify facts with this informative resource for youth.

Video-based learning

Access videos from the RCMP and external sources to support multimedia learning.

Dylan's Party (RCMP)

This video can help get the conversation started around the consequences of cannabis possession and distribution, and impaired driving. Use the other resources on this page to inform the discussion.

Shattered (RCMP)

This video tells the story of a teen named Sam. Her decision to drive high shattered her life.

MADD Canada Awareness and Campaign Videos

Videos that demonstrate the effects and consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

More conversation starters

Check out these websites and get the conversation started with youth.

Don't Drive High campaign (Government of Canada)

Laws, statistics and videos on the dangers of impaired driving.

Cannabis Talk Kit (Drug Free Kids Canada)

Facts to inform conversations with youth about cannabis and driving.

Impaired Driving (Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction)

Toolkits, handouts, statistics and strategies to help deter impaired driving.

MADD Canada Youth Program: My Decisions - MY Voice - MY Right to a Safe Ride Home (MADD Canada)

Educational programs, resources and support services related to impaired driving.

Young and New Driver Resource Centre - Parent Resources (Traffic Injury Research Foundation)

Educational tools and strategies to help keep young drivers safe.

More resources