Dylan's Party

Dylan's Party

The RCMP created the video "Dylan's party" for use during school presentations or in a classroom setting. It can help get a discussion started with grades 7–12 students.

The animated video shows a text message conversation between four friends. It introduces the topics of cannabis possession and distribution, impaired driving, and some related consequences.

Use the information on the following pages to help guide and inform the conversation:



A group chat window opens: Party at Dylan's this weekend!

Alex, Sam, Joe and Pat are in group chat.

Alex: Yeah... sooooo...

Sam: Hey what's up?

Alex: I was thinking Dylan's party will be kinda lame... unless I bring ... TREATS!!!

Joe: You mean... PIZZA? (pizza emoji x3)

Alex: No, dude. WEED!!!

Pat: Where are you gonna score weed?

Alex: Parental units!

Pat: MMMMMkay... (thinking emoji)

Alex: PLUS I'll sell some to you guys at a "friends and family discount"!!!

Pat: I'm so down!

Sam: No, thanks - I'm good.

Joe: I'm out. What if the (cops emoji) show up? That would be baaaad...

Pat: You can get in serious (poo emoji) for having weed on you...

Sam: My friend got fined for vaping weed at school... and got suspended.

Joe: OMG (surprised emoji)

Alex: SRSLY you all need to CHILL ... it's not that big a deal!

Pat: Uhhh... we're underage! This is all, like... illegal for us... right?

Sam: So about Friday night? How we getting home AFTER the party?

Joe: Ya - no one best be driving!

Alex: I'd rather crash there than crash my car!! (car emoji)

Sam: (eye roll emoji) Maybe the parentals?

Pat: Or Joe - he's got a car... or we can just walk home ...

Sam: This party is gonna be sick!! CU there!

Alex: Awesome, LATER! (Alex has left the conversation)

Sam: L8R! (Sam has left the conversation)

Pat: (Mic drop emoji) (Pat has left the conversation)

Joe: So yeah... are we going double cheese on that pizza? (pizza emoji x2)

I like cheese...

Uh... hello?

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