Youth leadership workshops

Every year, the RCMP hosts youth leadership workshops at its training academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. Students in grades 9 to 11 from across the country are invited and attend the event accompanied by police officers from their respective communities.

Workshop features

  • Interactive sessions with RCMP members, motivational speakers and other special guests
  • Educational activities and discussions on topics such as bullying, road safety, healthy relationships and substance misuse
  • Support to develop an action plan to help address a community youth crime or victimization issue. When they return home, participants put these plans in action with support from the RCMP

Workshop objectives

  • Build youth leadership skills
  • Foster positive relationships between police officers and youth
  • Enable youth to make a difference in their communities
  • Raise awareness around youth crime and victimization issues

Workshop successes

Here are examples of projects led by past workshop participants:

  • Community activity nights, such as movie nights to help tackle issues of youth boredom
  • Community fishing trips to promote pro-social and positive activities in their communities
  • Educational awareness nights for youth and parents on topics such as substance misuse

It's the youth that we're really focused on here. What are they struggling with and what can we do for them? It's great that we bring it back to our community and we implement a plan that's personal to us.

Olivia, grade 12, Prince Edward Island
February 2023 workshop participant
Participants from the February 2023 Youth Leadership Workshop at the RCMP training academy in Regina, Saskatchewan.

For more information, please contact the RCMP Centre for Youth Crime Prevention.

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