Marijuana: We'd like youth to know

Infographic: Marijuana - We'd like you to know
Infographic: Marijuana: We'd like youth to know - Text version


  • Everyone uses weed
  • Weed is harmless
  • Weed makes you a better driver
  • Police can't tell if you're driving high


  • 36% of youth aged 16-19 reported using weed in the past yearFootnote 1
  • Illicit weed can be grown using harmful chemicals
  • Illicit weed may be mixed with other drugs
  • Police can determine if you're high
  • Driving impaired by weed is illegal and has the same penalties as drunk driving

Using weed will:

  • Slow your reaction time
  • Make it difficult to pay attention to two things at once
  • Increase your chances of getting into a car accidentFootnote 2

For more information, visit the RCMP Centre for Youth Crime Prevention website or email

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