The RCMP of 2023 and Beyond


The RCMP of 2023 and Beyond

What does the RCMP want to embody as an organization in the near future? What values must guide all that the RCMP does? A focus on the desired future state of the RCMP will help inform the approach required to get there.

Our Vision

The RCMP is a healthy and inclusive organization trusted by employees, partners and the public that keeps Canada safe by consistently delivering exceptional policing services and continually striving to grow and improve.

Our Mission

To preserve the peace, uphold the law and provide quality service in partnership with our communities.

Our Purpose

For nearly 150 years, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has been Canada's national police service. From coast to coast to coast, at the community, provincial/territorial and federal levels, as well as internationally, we strive to prevent crime, investigate offences, enforce the law, and ultimately keep Canada's population, and Canada's interests, safe and secure.


In 2018, the RCMP developed Vision150, the articulation of the RCMP's modernization mandate. Vision150 established the four pillars of RCMP's modernization which remain as the ultimate guideposts for all of our modernization efforts.

Our Culture

Achieving a modern, trusted and inclusive RCMP

Our People

Building a healthy, diverse and professional workforce

Our Stewardship

Establishing innovative and effective governance to support a well-functioning organization

Our Policing Services

Keeping Canada safe through leading-edge policing

While Vision150 sets the overall course for the RCMP's modernization efforts, this Strategic Plan expands on that vision by presenting a set of priorities that will guide us on our path to our 150th anniversary in 2023 and beyond.

Vision150, through the priorities identified in this Strategic Plan, remains focused on attaining three key organization-wide outcomes:

Achieving the Strategic Vision

In order to achieve the strategic vision that the RCMP has described through Vision150 and within this plan, there needs to be a defined structure of priorities and associated activities that will lead to real organizational change. This plan lays out 13 priority statements that set the direction for divisions and business lines' efforts over the coming three to five years. These priorities are supported by activities that will contribute to the realization of the defined priorities.

The priority statements and associated activities described in this document are focused on the transformation and modernization of the organization.

They are meant to complement the operational strategic priorities that are the key focus areas for police service delivery. Those operational priorities are:

A separate initiative will aim to review these current operational strategic priorities.

This organization-wide Strategic Plan provides a solid framework for all provincial, territorial, municipal, and business line plans. These sub-plans are critical in translating the priorities identified in this document into provincial, territorial, municipal or business line specific operational priorities and activities that align to the broader vision for the RCMP. This includes working with key partners including provincial, territorial, municipal governments and Indigenous communities and other stakeholders in our contract jurisdictions to identify and address key issues in the local environment such as protecting vulnerable persons and rural crime. The organizational strategic planning process will develop the alignment between plans and how results will be measured to ensure the intended results are achieved. Strategic planning within the RCMP will be established as a cyclical process focused on continuous improvement.

Over the coming three to five years the RCMP will move towards executing the activities that are tied to the priority statements in order to realize the desired outcomes of Vision150 and continue our modernization journey.

Outcome were developed through: Departmental Results Framework (DRF) and Vision150 Outcome Model
Priority statements
13 statements aligned to the Pillars of Vision150
Operational strategic priorities
5 Priority Areas guiding our Police Service Delivery
The collection of activities that includes those identified within this plan, those undertaken by business lines and the RCMP's front-line service activities

Priority statements

The priority statements were set using a methodology involving extensive analysis of proposed activities, stakeholder engagement, a prioritization survey, executive challenge sessions and a review of feasibility and budgeting.

By focusing efforts and resources on our stated priorities, the RCMP will be able to advance the activities that will modernize our operations and service delivery, enhance support to our people and continue to positively affect our culture. By executing these priorities, the RCMP will be able to realize the desired changes within the four pillars of Vision150, and ultimately the desired organizational outcomes.

For details on the activities associated with each priority statement, please refer to the Vision150 Tracker.


  • The RCMP is a healthy and inclusive organization that provides modern policing services
  • RCMP culture is characterized by respect for diversity and the contributions of all employees
  • Employees, communities, partners and other stakeholders have trust and confidence in the RCMP

Priority statements aligned to V150 pillars

Our Culture

  • Address and prevent issues of workplace violence and harassment
  • Advance the RCMP's position as an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Expand the use of Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

Our People

  • Modernize RCMP leadership including advancing Character Leadership
  • Develop and implement Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Modernize recruitment and HR service delivery models

Our Stewardship

  • Enable effective use of evidence-based decision making
  • Transform fundamental business technology
  • Increase operational effectiveness through modern governance practices and increased accountability

Our Policing Services

  • Address issues of trust
  • Modernize operational tools and technologies
  • Increase community integration and partnership
  • Enhance collaboration with key partners to improve investigative effectiveness

The RCMP of 2023 and beyond

The true value of the RCMP's Strategic Plan will be evident through the positive difference it makes to all RCMP employees and to people in Canada. As a means of presenting the RCMP's vision of how the organization will evolve over the coming years, Role Profiles are being developed to tell the story of our modernization journey. These Role Profiles will communicate how the lives and jobs of individuals in the RCMP, and the population we serve, will change as a result of achieving our modernization objectives.

The Role Profiles will act as a tool to demonstrate the positive effects that will be experienced through the advancement of the priorities outlined in this Strategic Plan. Each Role Profile will have a Day -in -the -Life narrative to outline the most significant changes and improvements the strategic focus will bring. The Role Profiles will be available as a complementary document to this plan in Spring 2021.

They present the vision of how the RCMP of 2023 and beyond will look for its personnel and the population it protects.

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