Authorization to transport

You do not need an Authorization to Transport (ATT) for any firearms that a licensed carrier ships on your behalf.

If you are transporting the firearms personally, the following information applies.

Non-restricted firearms

You do not need an ATT for non-restricted firearms that you transport yourself.

Restricted or prohibited firearms

You need to obtain an ATT from the provincial or territorial Chief Firearms Officer:

  • if you own a restricted or prohibited firearm and are moving to a new address
  • if you are transporting a restricted or prohibited firearm within Canada

Contact a Chief Firearms Officer of:

  • the province where the firearm is located, or
  • the entry point of the firearm into Canada

To apply for an ATT,


If you are not a Canadian resident, and you are using a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration to bring a restricted firearm into Canada, contact the CFO of the entry point in advance to apply for an ATT.

Mailing firearms

Use Canada Post's most secure method to send the following firearms from one Canadian location to another:

  • non-restricted firearms
  • restricted firearms
  • prohibited handguns

This method requires a signature upon delivery.

An individual or a licensed carrier company must ship all other types of prohibited firearms, as well as any firearms that are going across the Canadian border. Firearms must be shipped unloaded and in a safe and secure way to prevent loss, theft, or accidents.

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