About the RCMP in Nunavut

As Nunavut's Territorial policing service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is dedicated to serving and protecting Nunavummiut. Twenty-five detachments protect communities throughout Nunavut, covering 787,000 square miles of land and water. Due to the rugged vastness of this land, all of our policing detachments are accessible by air only.

Also known as V Division, the RCMP works at the local, territorial, national and international level. Behind the scenes, our Federal Policing Units conduct numerous investigations to target and disrupt drug trafficking, contraband and illegal alcohol. Joint investigations with our law enforcement and intelligence partners allow us to maximize our presence and resources to better combat crime. The RCMP's expertise in organized crime including the support of frontline police officers is critical to the safety of the territory and of Canada.

The RCMP is committed to its partnership with community leaders and organizations to address critical issues and implement solutions. Nunavut's safety is the focus of everything we do.This is why we continually consult with our communities on their specific priorities. We then implement protective approaches tailored to their unique circumstances.

Our efforts also include the recruitment of more Nunavummiut into the RCMP which continues to be a high priority to us.

As like Nunavut's symbol - the Inukshuk, this unique formation depicts one culture, one specific location - the Canadian Arctic- of which we, the RCMP is the one constant protector of. The Inukshuk commemorates our working closely together. Together, we invest our efforts to direct a safe and healthy way for all Nunavummiut and it visitors to this vast, distinctive land.

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