Programs and services

Our mandate is multi-faceted. We prevent and investigate crime, maintain order, enforce laws on matters as diverse as health and the protection of government revenues, contribute to national security, ensure the safety of state officials, visiting dignitaries and foreign missions, and provide vital operational support services to other police and law enforcement agencies.

Community policing

Successful police work begins in the community. The RCMP recognizes this and has committed significant resources to ensuring that our efforts closely match the needs of the communities we serve.

Other programs

Emergency Response Team

An ERT is a group of highly-trained RCMP members capable of employing specialized weapons, equipment, and tactics to resolve extremely high-risk situations.

Police dogs

RCMP service dogs go through 80 days of rigorous training which includes tracking of suspects, searching for missing persons, searching for crime scene evidence, narcotic detection and criminal apprehension.

Search and rescue

The RCMP and the Government of Nunuvut are partners through Search and Rescue in the North to prevent and respond to ground search and rescue incidents in Canada's North.

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