Your privacy and access to information

The RCMP Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Branch coordinates information access requests. They consult the Canadian Firearms Program when firearms licensing and registration records are required.

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Access to information

If you live in:

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia or
  • Prince Edward Island

You will need more documentation from your province. This is because those provinces administer the Firearms Act on behalf of the federal government.

Protected information

Personal information that you share with us online is protected while in transit to ensure confidentiality. We use Personal Information Numbers (PINs) and Business Information Numbers (BINs) for added security.

We keep your personal information in a database that only authorized employees can access. Names of references, spouses or medical information are not visible.

How we keep your data safe

CFP web services provide secure e-commerce transactions. They use the same technology as many banking sites to encrypt communications between the browser and web server.

Passwords further protect individual and business clients.

Our processes detect hackers and prevent them from stealing information. We've also added image verification to some areas of the website to enhance security.

Information provided on application forms

  • Safety training information is used to determine licence eligibility.
  • A CFO uses your application information to determine if you are eligible for the licence or authorization you are requesting.
  • Firearms registration information is used to determine classification and/or to issue a firearms certificate.
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