Canadians’ Views of RCMP Policing Services 2019-2020

Canadians' Views of RCMP Policing Services is a public opinion survey of adult residents of Canada, with a focus on areas policed by the RCMP. A random sample of respondents (1,317 by phone and 1,671 online) was allocated to the 14 divisions of the RCMP, with 70% of the sample drawn from areas where the RCMP is the police service of jurisdiction.

Attitudes to the RCMP
Agree Neutral Disagree
How important is the RCMP's contribution to keeping Canadians safe? 93% 4% 3%
How satisfied are you with the RCMP's contribution to keeping Canadians safe? 72% 16% 12%
I feel safer because of the RCMP. 64% 24% 11%
Agree Neutral Disagree
The RCMP demonstrates professionalism in its work. 75% 15% 10%
The RCMP is an organization with integrity. 69% 17% 14%
RCMP personnel are honest. 62% 27% 11%
RCMP personnel demonstrate compassion. 60% 26% 14%
The RCMP is an accountable organization. 63% 16% 21%
The RCMP treats people with respect. (RCMP personnel demonstrate respect.) 61% 24% 15%
The RCMP places an emphasis on providing quality service to the public. 71% 18% 11%
The RCMP provides the same quality of service to all citizens. 50% 19% 32%
The RCMP places emphasis on providing services in the official language of my choice, English or French. 74% 19% 7%
The RCMP is a recognized symbol of Canada. 95% 4% 2%
I have trust and confidence in the RCMP. 69% 17% 13%
I would encourage friends and family members to apply to the RCMP. 56% 25% 19%
Relationship with the RCMP
Agree Neutral Disagree
The RCMP has effective local leaders. 45% 41% 13%
The RCMP has effective national leaders. 51% 29% 20%
The RCMP provides Canadians with adequate information about its work. 44% 23% 33%
The RCMP is an open and transparent organization. 36% 26% 38%
The RCMP is representative of the diverse Canadian communities it serves. 56% 21% 22%
The RCMP is dealing with the things that matter to people in this community. 58% 25% 17%
I feel a moral duty to follow police orders. 79% 11% 10%
I generally support how the RCMP usually acts. 72% 17% 11%
I would help the RCMP if asked. 87% 9% 4%
Agree Neutral Disagree
The RCMP is sensitive to the needs of different cultures and groups. 52% 25% 23%
The RCMP is respectful to the cultural needs of Indigenous people. 45% 22% 33%
The RCMP treats women fairly. 47% 23% 31%
The RCMP is sensitive to the needs of LGBTQ2S community. 43% 35% 22%
Visibility and Responsiveness
Agree Neutral Disagree
RCMP personnel have a visible presence in my community/province/territory. 49% 15% 35%
The RCMP is present on the Web and social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. 48% 32% 19%
The RCMP is effective at responding quickly to calls for assistance. (The RCMP provides an efficient and effective coordinated response to calls for service.) 58% 26% 15%
The RCMP is contributing to traffic safety in my province or territory. 55% 18% 27%
The RCMP makes decisions based on facts. 61% 26% 13%
The RCMP is a forward-looking, innovative organization. 46% 31% 24%
Priorities of the RCMP
Agree Neutral Disagree
The RCMP is effectively responding by countering radicalization to violence. 62% 22% 16%
The RCMP is effectively responding to threats to Canadian passenger aircraft. 69% 23% 8%
The RCMP is contributing to safer Indigenous communities. 47% 24% 29%
The RCMP is advancing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples of Canada. 43% 29% 28%
The RCMP is contributing to more informed and resilient Canadians. 50% 31% 19%
The RCMP is reducing the overall impact of economic crime. (The RCMP is reducing the impact of economic crime, such as money laundering and stock market (capital market) fraud.) 55% 23% 22%
The RCMP is effectively responding to cybercrime threats. 60% 22% 18%
The RCMP is effectively addressing online scams. 49% 22% 29%
The RCMP is reducing the sale and distribution of illegal drugs. 61% 18% 21%
The RCMP is effectively responding to threats at the border between the ports of entry. 65% 19% 16%
The RCMP is keeping up with current and emerging trends and threats. 63% 22% 15%
I am aware that the RCMP participates in a variety of international activities, such as peacekeeping missions and offering training to foreign police. 73% 12% 15%
About how often would you say that the RCMP in your neighbourhood exceeds their authority? 13% 17% 70%
In the past year, did you have any direct contact with the RCMP, such as reporting a crime, being stopped for a traffic offence or accident, seeking information or any other reason?
Yes 18%
No 82%
What was the reason for your most recent contact with the RCMP?
For a criminal matter 16%
For a traffic offence or an accident 22%
For a complaint 11%
For a natural disaster, e.g. flood, wildfire 2%
For a crime prevention activity, project, or program 10%
For another reason 39%
Still thinking of the most recent contact, did you initiate the contact with the RCMP yourself?
Yes 57%
No 43%
Views on Contact with the RCMP
*Questions were answered on a 5-point scale and summarized to agree/neutral/disagree to facilitate review
Agree Neutral Disagree
It was easy to get in touch with the RCMP. 82% 3% 14%
RCMP personnel treated me fairly. 82% 7% 11%
RCMP personnel demonstrated professionalism. 81% 7% 11%
RCMP personnel were courteous and respectful. 82% 8% 10%
RCMP personnel were knowledgeable and competent. 78% 11% 11%
RCMP personnel delivered the service in a timely fashion. 73% 9% 18%
RCMP personnel went beyond minimum requirements in providing good service. 56% 20% 24%
RCMP personnel gave me all the information that I needed for the situation. 72% 10% 18%
Satisfied with the service you received during your contact(s) with the RCMP. 70% 11% 19%
  • Results in this table are the overall results (combination of online panels and telephone interviews)
  • Data was collected on January 10-27, 2020
  • Percentages exclude those who replied "don't know" or "no opinion"
  • Results are "weighted" - they are adjusted so that age, gender, and region better match the Canadian population
  • For new questions, cells are greyed out for previous years
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