Client and partner survey results 2019-20

The RCMP aims to provide the best possible policing to the communities we serve. We conduct three surveys annually to get feedback from the Canadian public, our partners and our stakeholders about the work we do.

The results from the 2019-2020 surveys are positive. Canadians, clients and partners are generally satisfied with the RCMP's service. The results also point to some potential areas for improvement, including:

  • increasing transparency
  • increasing involvement or visibility within the community
  • sharing information with our partners

The percentages provided below are for the responses agree or strongly agree.

What Canadians think

Results from the Canadians' Views of RCMP Policing Services survey show that overall satisfaction with the RCMP is at 72% with a total of 2,988 responses..

Other ratings were:

  • trust and confidence: 69%
  • sensitive to cultures and groups: 52%
  • effective national leaders: 51%
  • effective local leaders: 45%

What our contract partners think

Results of the Survey of Contract Partners show an 85% overall satisfaction rating with a total of 688 responses from 1,692 identified partners.

Other ratings were:

  • trust and confidence: 83%
  • Accountable organization: 72%
  • Effective national leaders: 57%
  • Sensitive to cultures and groups: 81%

What our policing partners think

Results of the Survey of Policing Partners and Stakeholders show an overall satisfaction rating of 86% with 742 responses from 3,484 identified partners and stakeholders.

Results for other aspects include:

  • trust and confidence: 84%
  • sensitive to partner needs: 69%
  • Responding quickly to calls for assistance: 67%
  • Effectively responding to radicalization to violent extremism: 82%

How we're using these results

These surveys are a key element of our commitment to accountability. The results give us a view of:

  • how Canadians and our contract and policing partners perceive us
  • where they find value in our services
  • where we are falling short of their expectations

We then use these results to assess our progress and to improve service delivery. Vision150 is our plan to improve transparency, innovation and modernization in the RCMP, based on solid evidence, such as these survey results.

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