Application and selection process

Complete the following steps to apply to be an RCMP telecommunications operator.

If you have questions about the application process, please attend a career presentation.

Step one: Submit an online application

Submit an online application on the Government of Canada's GC Jobs website. Search for opportunities labelled:

  • Telecommunications Operator
  • 9-1-1 Police Dispatcher

Before submitting your application, make sure you meet the qualifications and requirements. Your application must also show how you meet the essential qualifications for the specific job opportunity.

For bilingual positions, you will need to undergo language testing during the selection process.

Step two: Complete an aptitude test

We'll contact successful applicants to schedule a self-administered and self-scoring computerized test called CritiCall. This test evaluates multitasking and decision-making skills.

If you pass this test, you'll proceed to step three.

If you do not successfully complete this step or any of the following steps, we'll remove you from the process and let you know when or if you can reapply.

Step three: Complete and submit forms

We'll send you a selection package that contains:

  • various security, disclosure and health forms
  • a preparatory guide for the selection interview (step four)

You must complete and submit the forms by the deadline given to you.

You may need additional health assessments depending on the employment conditions for the province or territory where you're applying.

Step four: Complete the selection interview

During this interview, we'll ask questions to find out how you behaved in certain past situations. The questions also help assess the decisions you would make in hypothetical scenarios. This interview may take one to two hours.

Step five: Get your security clearance

We'll conduct reference checks and a field investigation to determine if you're eligible for the required security clearance. These checks look at your personal finances, education, previous employment and character references. If successful, you will receive your security clearance.

Applicants must be three years clear of any illegal activity.

Step six: Receive a conditional offer

We'll present selected applicants with a job offer. The offer includes information about training dates, salary and a benefits package.


After accepting the conditional job offer, you'll need to take part in an extensive core training program. The location and duration of the training depends on the hiring communications centre.

The core training program has two classroom components:

  • Call-taking (up to five weeks)
  • Dispatching (up to two weeks)

You'll receive a trainee's hourly wage of $32.85.

After completing the classroom training, you'll enter the field coaching program. You'll work in the operational communications centre under the supervision of a certified field coach (up to 600 hours).

Welcome to the job

Once you complete the field coaching program, you obtain approval to work on your own. Your hourly wage will increase to $36.12, plus any extra duty pay for overtime, evening or statutory holiday shifts.

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