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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

History of the RCMP

We have a rich history as Canada's national police service that dates back to 1873. From the role of women and Indigenous peoples, to our uniform and our military service, our history is Canada's history.

Our history has included some difficult chapters. But we continue on the path to becoming a more modern, diverse, inclusive and trusted RCMP.

RCMP origin story

Information about our journey from the North-West Mounted Police to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

History of the RCMP Musical Ride

Information about the origin of the Musical Ride and how it has evolved over time.

Historical events in RCMP-Indigenous relations

Information and key dates in RCMP-Indigenous relations.

Women in the RCMP

Information about the evolution of women's role in the RCMP and key figures in our history.

History of RCMP-2SLGBTQI+ relations

Information about our role in the LGBT Purge and gender-based class action lawsuits.

RCMP military connections

Information about our role in the North-West Resistance, South African war, First World War and Second World War.

The Royal Family and the RCMP

Information about our relationship with the Royal Family and gifting horses to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

History of the divisions

Information about the origin of our divisions and key dates.

Former RCMP Commissioners

Information about the commissioners throughout our history.

Genealogy and archival research

How to get service files, photos, reports and genealogical information.

Ceremonial and traditional objects

Information on the guidon, tipstaff, tartan, Stetson, eagle staff, RCMP ensigns, RCMP badge and motto.

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