Indigenous policing

Indigenous peoples have become overrepresented in the Canadian criminal justice system both as offenders and as victims of violence and crime. Because the RCMP and its predecessors played a role in implementing or enforcing colonial rule, today's RCMP has inherited a complex legacy.

The RCMP is committed to building a renewed relationship and trust with the more than 600 Indigenous communities we serve. As we move forward, it is important that we acknowledge and learn from the past, evaluate our current actions, and collaborate with Indigenous organizations, communities, peoples and employees for the future. We aim to improve community safety and well-being, to enhance investigative standards, and to deliver culturally responsive policing services.

First Nations and Inuit Policing Program

Learn more about the RCMP's role in the Federal Government's Policing Program in First Nation and Inuit communities.

Indigenous pre-cadet training program

This program gives Indigenous youth in Canada a first-hand look at a career in policing with the RCMP and prepares candidates for the police officer application process.

Strategic priority: Indigenous communities

Contributing to the safety and well-being of safer and healthier Indigenous communities is one of the RCMP's five strategic priorities.

Missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls

Read about how the RCMP is working to address the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Restorative Justice

An approach to justice that encourages meaningful engagement and accountability.

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