Data and innovation

The Alberta RCMP Data and Innovation webpage is an open data project in support of our commitment to community engagement, transparency and accountability. This information reflects criminal activity in Alberta and Alberta RCMP’s performance against its policing objectives.

Data will be updated quarterly.

Crime Reduction Strategy

The Alberta RCMP's Crime Reduction Strategy measures five key property crime indicators which count the number of reported incidents of Break and Enters, Theft of Motor Vehicles, Theft over and under $5,000, and Possession of Stolen Property in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions. Although these crime indicators do not represent every type of property crime (fraud, arson and mischief), they represent the overall state and trend of property crime in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions.

Crime statistics


District CRUs

Alberta RCMP has created Crime Reduction Units in all four districts. Teams are comprised of regular members, analysts and clerks. They target repeat offenders and address repeat crime trends to reduce impact of crime in communities across Alberta.

Intelligence Program

Specialized Intelligence Coordinators that conduct intelligence gathering of their own and liaise with enforcement partners to develop a picture of the crime landscape.

Intelligence analysts embedded within our Crime Reduction Units that analyze massive amounts of data and provide information that leads to arrests.

Police Reporting and Occurrence System (PROS) Data Centre

A centralized data centre team will handle records management and routine data entry to allow frontline officers to focus on policing our communities, not doing admin work. Preliminary results show every call to the PROS Data Centre saves an officer 40 minutes of paperwork.

Call Back Unit (CBU)

This is a specialized team designed to handle non-emergency calls for service to create efficiencies and better align its processes. The CBUs, one in Edmonton and one in Calgary, have diverted and answered 2,131 calls for service rather than dispatching to front line members which realized a savings of 5,043 person hours, equaling over four General Duty Constable’s workload in a year.

Project Lock Up

Project Lock Up, announced February 2019, creates a framework that enables the RCMP and its enforcement and citizen-led stakeholders, to place a spotlight on repeat victims of property crime.

Led by intelligence and supported by a strong partner network, the initiative aims to reduce property crime and build trust between citizens and law enforcement. As part of Project Lock Up, RCMP’s Community Engagement and Outreach Specialists will meet with regular Albertans who have been hit the hardest by property crime. They will listen to their story and work with them to ensure they are never targeted again.

Community Partnerships

The Alberta RCMP continues to work with community partners such as Rural Crime Watch (RCW) and Citizens on Patrol (COP) to promote crime prevention awareness in communities throughout the province. RCW and COP volunteers support the Crime Reduction Strategy by acting as an extra set of “eyes and ears” in their communities.

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