Crime Statistics

The Alberta RCMP's Crime Reduction Strategy measures five key property crime indicators which count the number of reported incidents of Break and Enters, Theft of Motor Vehicles, Theft over and under $5,000, and Possession of Stolen Property in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions. Although these crime indicators do not represent every type of property crime (fraud, arson and mischief), they represent the overall state and trend of property crime in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions.

Read the crime statistics here.

Alberta RCMP's Provincial Policing Priorities

The Joint Business Plan developed by the RCMP and the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Ministry is the Provincial Police Service's strategic roadmap. It allows the RCMP to provide accountable, transparent and effective policing to the citizens of Alberta.

Read the Alberta RCMP's Provincial Policing Priorities here.

Read the 2022/23-2024/25 Joint Business Plan here.

K Division Reconciliation Strategy

The RCMP K Division continues to build strong, lasting and respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples in Alberta. Reconciliation provides a pathway based on; the recognition of the rights, respect, co-operation and partnership. Building on this foundation we commit to moving forward to better serve Indigenous communities. Earning the trust and confidence of Indigenous Communities in Alberta remains a top priority for the RCMP in K Division. The first step will be to hear the voices of the communities we serve. Through open communication we can ensure community needs and community expectations are being met. Serving as the communities desire us to serve will ensure relationships are strengthened, where they exist, and new relationships built where they do not. It is through this community led approach that we will strive to earn the trust and confidence of the First Nations, Metis and Inuit people.

Read the K Division Reconciliation Strategy here.

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