Behind The Frontline: Special Tactical Operations


STO stands for Special Tactical Operations. We are a team of 120 officers from across Alberta, That respond to any kind of emergencies in Alberta where home detachments may need assistance, such as natural disasters, unfolding events, scene searches, pe-rimeter security things like that. We are posted across Alberta and therefore that allows us to be able to respond to detachments quite quickly. In the last year we have done approximately 42 calls for service, to different detachments across Alberta, which amounts to approximately 27,000 man hours of policing. We did a search for human remains in a garbage landfill, which we were successful in finding. We have search masters within our team that can guide the search and we can use all the rest of the STO team members then to complete that search without having to go outside and look for assistance that way. Well every year we have mandatory training that everybody at-tends, a lot of that is geared toward public order, which is one of our main mandates, is the public order side of it. Not only do we support the RCMP detachments but we also support other police services within Alberta and other policing services such as the Alberta Sheriffs, Corrections our partners with the Edmonton City Police and Calgary City Police. We train with them yearly, so we can build those relationships and train togeth-er so we know how we are going to work together. The K Division STO team has been deployed to other provinces to assist them in different situations. As such those different provinces are looking to K Division as a model for their STO Teams and creating their own STO teams.

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