Alberta Auxiliary Program

The Auxiliary Program is a volunteer program intended to enhance community based policing and provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in law enforcement on an organized basis. Auxiliaries provide a complementary service to the regular Force, in other words, auxiliaries assist members of the Force while under supervision.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police administers the program which is sponsored and funded by the Province of Alberta under the auspices of the Alberta Solicitor General Department.

Duties that auxiliaries may perform under direct supervision of a regular member of the RCMP are widely varied, and include, but are not limited to:

  • community policing programs (i.e. Neighborhood Watch, Bicycle Safety, Child Identification);
  • guarding crime scenes to protect evidence;
  • search for missing persons;
  • routine crowd, traffic or parade control;
  • operational ride-a-longs;
  • routine general duty patrols and traffic patrols;
  • office duties (i.e. Computer queries, detachment front desk duties, answering phones); and
  • routine duties as assigned by the detachment commander.

Requirements auxiliary applicants must meet are:

  • be a Canadian citizen of good character;
  • have a mature and responsible attitude;
  • meet the reliability security clearance to the level of “Enhanced Reliability-Operational”;
  • have successfully high school or have equivalent work-related experience;
  • possess a valid Alberta class 5 driver’s license, or better;
  • meet the minimum fitness standards as set by the RCMP;
  • must possess current certification in First Aid/CPR (St. John’s Ambulance Emergency First Aid with Level A CPR);
  • not have a personal and/or professional conflict of interest with the RCMP.

Auxiliary candidates recruited into the program are registered as Emergency Services Workers through Alberta Municipal Affairs, Emergency Management Alberta and may sometimes be called upon to assist the RCMP in an emergency.

Auxiliaries have peace officer status when on duty and under direct control of a member of the RCMP.

For more information, please visit National RCMP, Auxiliary Program

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