Protective Operations

National Capital Region Protective Operations units include:

Governor General Protection Detail
The Governor General Protection Detail (GGPD) is responsible at all times for the personal protection of the Governor General, as well as security measures at Rideau Hall.
Prime Minister Protection Detail
The Prime Minister Protection Detail (PMPD) is responsible for ensuring the protection of the Prime Minister in Canada and abroad, and protecting the official residences.
VIP Protection Detail
The VIP Protection Detail (VIPPD) safeguards Canadian and foreign dignitaries, as well as visiting International Protected Persons.
Protective Operations Response Team
The Protective Operations Response Team (PRT) supports protective operations and responds to all protective incidents in relation to protected persons and sites. The team also provides initial response to high-threat incidents associated to protective persons and sites until such time as they can be handed over to designated specialty teams.
Emergency Response Team
The National Division Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a tactical team that responds to, and resolves, high-threat incidents that are beyond the response capabilities of regular police personnel due to elevated levels of risk. They are trained in advanced concepts such as aircraft intervention and hostage rescue tactics.
Critical Incident Program
The Critical Incident Program (CIP) provides varied tactical support during large scale or critical incidents that impact protected persons or sites.
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