RCMP150: A banner year on Confederation Boulevard

May 23, 2023
Ottawa, Ontario

News release

On May 23, the Department of Canadian Heritage unveiled new banners for Confederation Boulevard to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the RCMP. We're humbled Canadian Heritage is honouring us in this milestone year through these banners, which will hang along Confederation Boulevard, Canada's ceremonial and discovery route through downtown Ottawa and Gatineau, until fall 2023.

The specially designed banners feature a variety of imagery reflective of the RCMP , such as the iconic Canadian symbol of a member of the RCMP Musical Ride on horseback, the RCMP National Eagle Staff, and a diverse array of employees that reflect the modern RCMP.


The RCMP has been a proud Canadian institution for 150 years and shares deep ties to Canada's Confederation, so it's a perfect fit to have RCMP150 banners hung along Confederation Boulevard this year. I hope residents of the National Capital Region and visitors to the area will enjoy the banners on display and see them as a reminder of the RCMP's ongoing commitment to keeping Canada safe from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Commissioner Mike Duheme

Quick facts

  • There are three panels, each with imagery that depicts important priorities and are reflective of the RCMP's efforts to build a more diverse, inclusive, modern and trusted national police organization to serve Canadians.
    • Panel 1: A member (police officer) in her general duty uniform alongside a commissioned officer both wearing the distinctive RCMP service cap and dark blue trousers with yellow stripes.
      • These members represent the police officers that many Canadians might see in their communities and in the media. They also represent the diversity of today's RCMP, as well as the importance of building an RCMP that is representative of all Canadians.
    • Panel 2: A member of the world famous RCMP Musical Ride on horseback. The Musical Ride member is dressed in the ceremonial red serge tunic, striped breeches, high brown riding boots and Stetson hat.
      • The red serge uniform is iconic and recognized around the world as a symbol of Canada.
    • Panel 3: A civilian employee, as well as an Indigenous member of the RCMP in uniform holding the RCMP National Eagle Staff.
      • An eagle staff is a sacred symbol representing First Nations culture and is used at ceremonies and celebrations. The eagle staff plays a similar function to a national flag on these occasions.
      • The eagle staff features the Indigenous Policing ensign, which depicts eagle feathers, representative of the First Nations; an Inuksuk, symbolic of the Inuit; an Assomption sash, a symbol of the Métis; and a maple leaf, symbolizing the national mandate of Contract and Indigenous Policing at the RCMP.
      • The ensigns (flags) of the RCMP divisions – one for each province and territory – are attached to the Eagle Staff.
      • This panel's design highlights the emphasis the RCMP places on its relationship with Indigenous peoples served by the organization and the need for the RCMP to continue the process of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and communities.
      • The depiction of the civilian employee pays tribute to the contributions made by civilian members and public service employees, who offer their professional expertise across all areas of the RCMP. The dedication and teamwork of employees in a multitude of areas is key to the work of today's RCMP.
    • About 75 pairs of these banners will hang from lampposts along Confederation Boulevard until fall 2023.


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