It’s 2020 and yes, people are still driving impaired

January 15, 2020
Whitehorse, Yukon

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Whitehorse RCMP and Yukon RCMP Traffic Services have had a busy start to 2020. Traffic enforcements from January 1st to 9th have nabbed 12 impaired drivers off the road. Of the 12 total, 5 drivers received alcohol or drug-related roadside suspensions, and 3 will face criminal code charges.

'I just woke up from the place I was drunk at'; 'I was drunk but had a nap'; and 'I am drunk, but not so drunk I can't drive', were a few of the phrases that drivers used to try and justify why they were failing roadside sobriety testing.

"It's truly staggering to discover the number of people who are still getting behind the wheel while impaired, either by drugs, prescribed or illegal, or alcohol" says Corporal Natasha Dunmall of Yukon RCMP Traffic Services. "Even more troubling is when we stopped an impaired driver speeding through an elementary school zone on a Thursday afternoon, in broad daylight. This could have had a disastrous consequence considering the high volume of children, general public and other motorists in the immediate area" she continues.

In addition to the impaired investigations, Yukon RCMP Traffic Services issued 53 tickets and impounded 6 vehicles for various infractions in the Whitehorse area alone over the first week and a half of January.

Police across the Yukon Territory are always on the lookout for impaired drivers. We will be even more focused in our efforts to get impaired drivers off our roadways.

There is no excuse to drive while impaired. Here are some tips to plan a safe trip:

· Arrange for a designated driver with family and friends.

· Plan ahead to take public transit or a taxi.

· Stay sober yourself, and provide safe transportation for friends.

As we continue to experience extreme weather conditions, impacting visibility for both drivers and pedestrians, Yukon RCMP reminds all motorists and pedestrians to remain vigilant, slow down and be prepared with cold weather gear or equipment for a breakdown or disruption.


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