Online Crime Reporting

To report a crime in progress, or for immediate police assistance

  • Call 9-1-1 or contact your local RCMP detachment or the police force in your area. Do not text message 9-1-1.
  • If you live outside of Canada, contact your local police service and ask them to make a request for assistance from the appropriate Canadian law enforcement agency.

The RCMP does not accept reports of crime via email or social media.

Did you know? Online Crime Reporting

Online Crime Reporting gives New Brunswickers, in RCMP area of jurisdiction, an alternate way to report certain non-emergency crimes without calling the police, or visiting a detachment.

Online crime reporting is not meant to replace other forms of reporting crime. Always call 911 in an emergency.

RCMP non-emergency line is 1-888-506-RCMP.

How does it work?

The easy-to-use website guides you through a series of questions to give police information about your incident.

At the end, you will receive an email confirmation with an incident number and a report, which can be used for insurance purposes. The entire report takes about 15 minutes.

All reports submitted via Online Crime Reporting are reviewed by the RCMP, and are entered into the RCMP's record management system.

A police officer will contact you if more information is required.

Why should I use Online Crime Reporting?

  • Available 24/7
  • No need to visit or call a detachment
  • Provides report that can be used for insurance purposes
  • Contributes important information to assess crime trends

What can I report using Online Crime Reporting?

  • Animal call
  • Damage mischief under $5,000 to property
  • Damage mischief under $5,000 to vehicle
  • Driving Complaint
  • Found property
  • Hate motivated incident
  • Hate motivated incident online
  • Hit and run to property
  • Hit and run to unoccupied vehicle
  • Hit and run to unoccupied vehicle or property
  • Lost licence plates or decals
  • Lost property
  • Stolen licence plates or decals
  • Theft of bicycle under $5,000
  • Theft under $5,000
  • Theft under $5,000 from vehicle

Do not use Online Crime Reporting if

  • Stolen property includes firearms, credit cards, or personal identification (e.g. driver's licence or passport).
  • The value of stolen or damaged property exceeds $5,000.
  • There are witnesses or video evidence of the crime.

Incidents that do not meet the criteria for Online Crime Reporting are directed to the RCMP's non-emergency line 1-888-506-RCMP. For incidents that occurred in New Brunswick only.

Call police or 911 immediately if the incident is still in progress, or if it is an emergency.

Filing a false police report is a crime.

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