Marihuana and Synthetic Drug Initiatives

RCMP Marihuana and Synthetic Drug Initiatives: Tools to Protect Prospective Homeowners

Illegal marihuana grow operations and clandestine labs harm communities. They appear in homes or outbuildings in residential, rural or commercial/industrial areas. Wherever they exist, there is an increased risk of criminal activity and serious or even irreparable damage to personal property.

What are the Marihuana and synthetic Drug Initiatives?

The Marihuana and Synthetic Drug Initiatives are part of the RCMP's national strategy to combat illegal marihuana grow operations and clandestine labs, and the organized crime groups running them in all corners of the country. Based on three key components, awareness, deterrence and enforcement, this strategy represents the RCMP's continued commitment to fight marihuana and synthetic drug production controlled by organized crime groups and serves to inform the Canadian public about the consequences, inherent hazards and destructive impacts these activities and criminal groups have on communities.

What you need to know about illegal marihuana grow operations:

  • Marihuana grow operations exist in all parts of Canada, in all types of communities, in all types of dwellings and could easily be in your neighbour's home.
  • Marihuana grow operations harm communities. Wherever they exist, there's the potential for an increase in criminal activity and a greater chance of fire, explosions and violence on top of additional economic costs and other health and safety risks.
  • Significant health concerns are associated with the toxic mould produced from growing marihuana in a house.
  • Criminal organizations and street gangs are financed through the illegal production, trafficking and exportation of marihuana.
  • Marihuana grown in your neighborhood is fueling violence and other criminal activity putting you and your family at risk. Police have seen a number of increasingly violent home invasions at residences used to grow marihuana; this has put innocent bystanders in harm's way.
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