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Public Service Announcement on Family Violence

(Shania Twain is seated reading to the camera. Over her shoulder, images of domestic abuse are seen.)

» Shania Twain: Sometimes home is where the hurt is. It’s really confusing to be hurt by someone you love.

(An image of an angry fist appears.)

» Shania Twain: Whether it’s physical, sexual, or emotional, abuse is abuse.

(Full screen image of people arguing.)

» Shania Twain: And it can happen in any family.

(Full screen images of a girl seated looking sad, then crying.)

» Shania Twain: You may not want to talk about it...but family violence shouldn’t be kept a secret.

(Shania is full screen again. Over her shoulder, an image of a girl talking to a police officer appears.)

» Shania Twain: You can break the silence.

(An image of an older man with his head in his hands.)

» Shania Twain: There’s always someone who can help

(An image of a young girl looking into the camera.)

» Shania Twain: Tell someone you trust. And always report incidents of violence to the police.

(An image of a young boy and his mother speaking to a police officer.)

» Shania Twain: Because violence - especially in your own home - is never acceptable.

(The screen goes to black.)

(A graphic appears reading, “Family Violence Accounts for ¼ of all police reported violent crime.”)

(A graphic appears reading, “Please report all incidents to your local police.”)

(The RCMP logo appears.)

(The Government of Canada wordmark appears.)

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