Experienced Police Officer Program - Serious Crimes Branch

The Alberta RCMP Serious Crimes Branch (SCB) is responsible for leading and supporting investigations throughout the province, and has a number of specialized streams providing expertise. The SCB conducts advanced investigations, exceeding the capabilities of most RCMP detachments and investigative units in the province. The branch also provides guidance and mentorship to investigators in a variety of circumstances where local resources may not have experience in a particular type of investigation.

Units in this branch investigate a wide range of incidents, such as homicides, serious persons crimes (including child abuse), and multi-jurisdictional or complex files.

The Serious Crimes Branch is comprised of the following units:

Contact us

If you are interested in joining the RCMP as an investigator within the Serious Crimes Branch, please contact us at K_SCB_Recruiting-KRecrutement@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.

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