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RCMP First Nations Community Policing Service


Community Tripartite Agreements (CTAs)

Three parties negotiate Community Tripartite Agreements:

  • The federal government (represented by Public Safety Canada);
  • The province or territory in which the First Nations community is located (usually represented by the provincial or territorial Minister of Justice); and
  • The governing body of the First Nations community (represented by the Band Council).


The First Nations Policing Program (FNPP), administered by Public Safety Canada, gives First Nations communities the opportunity to participate with the federal and provincial or territorial governments in tripartite agreements for the provision of dedicated policing services in their communities.

Under the FNPP, the RCMP currently provides policing services to a number of First Nation communities through a contingent of First Nations police officers working within the RCMP. The RCMP First Nations Community Policing Service (FNCPS) incorporates the principles and objectives of the FNPP, including:

  • service levels equivalent to those of non-First Nations communities;
  • compatibility and sensitivity to First Nations culture and beliefs; and
  • flexibility to accommodate local variations in policing needs.

The RCMP has traditionally policed First Nation communities pursuant to provincial policing agreements. Under the FNPP, the RCMP FNCPS is governed by two separate agreements:

  • a Framework Agreement between the province/territory and the federal government outlining funding and other managerial arrangements; and
  • a Community Tripartite Agreement (CTA) between the First Nation community, the provincial government and the federal government, outlining the specific details of the community policing service.


The RCMP has a proud tradition of service to First Nation communities.

The FNPP allows us to build on past experience while continuing our commitment to a quality community policing approach that ensures First Nations communities play a key role in the implementation, governance and ongoing delivery of their policing services.

For more information, please contact Public Safety Canada.

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