How to report workplace harassment and violence

Every employee has a responsibility for creating a healthy, respectful and inclusive workplace. The ICHR ensures that employees can have an internal process to report occurrences of workplace harassment and violence.

This includes behaviours that they may experience directly, witness or are aware of in their workplace. Employees are encouraged to first try to resolve the issue informally and promptly, if it is appropriate and safe to do so. Employees are also encouraged to engage their managers for support as well as other resources to assist in resolving the issue.

If the issue cannot be resolved informally, employees should submit a Notice of Occurrence, verbally or in writing, to:

A Notice of Occurrence can also be submitted by a witness and can be submitted anonymously.

Eligibility of employees

The harassment and violence resolution process is available to all RCMP employees.

This includes:

Other individuals who work within RCMP workplaces should consult with the ICHR to determine if services are available to them.

Notice of occurrence

The following information must be included in the Notice of Occurrence form:

Reporting occurrences of workplace harassment and violence allows the RCMP to take steps to resolve the issue, and implement the necessary corrective measures to help prevent a reoccurrence of the behaviour.

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