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Employee and Family Emergency Preparedness

As an employee / member of a first responder organization it is likely that you may be required to participate in the RCMP's operational response to an emergency or disaster. You may be required to work long hours and could possibly remain at your workplace or be deployed to the disaster site for days. This is why you have an even greater responsibility to ensure you, and especially your family, are well-prepared for any type of emergency, because your loved ones may be on their own at such times.

Health and Safety of your Family

The health and safety of your families will be a major concern, particularly if they live in the impacted area. Having a family emergency preparedness kit and plan will help ensure your family's safety and security by ensuring they have the resources and supplies to cope in your absence. This will reduce concerns and make reporting for duty and focusing on the tasks at hand easier.

Developing Plans and Kits

To assist our employees in developing plans and kits, RCMP Operational Readiness and Response has developed a guide and other helpful tools and information.

Educating your Children on Emergency Preparedness

Having your children understand the importance of emergency preparedness and coping with emergencies is a key element of emergency preparedness for families. Educational games can be helpful in teaching children about how to prepare for and what to do in an emergency. A number of emergency management organizations have websites with educational games to assist in this regard.