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Disability Management and Accommodation for RCMP Members

The RCMP is committed to accommodating the work related needs of its employees, and to providing a working environment that respects the obligations under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The program

On April 1, 2017, the RCMP launched an enhanced Disability Management and Accommodation program for RCMP members. The purpose of the program is to provide coordinated support for ill or injured members while they recover. The services include:

  • early intervention;
  • pro-active case management;
  • return-to-work planning; and,
  • if needed, a workplace accommodation.


  • The program uses a proactive, team-based approach to disability case management: one that focuses on a member's abilities
  • The program is designed to maintain a member's connection to the workplace; to reinforce a member's ability to remain at or return to work following an illness or injury; and to mitigate any barriers to their ability to do so
  • Disability Management Advisors (DMA) and Disability Management Coordinators (DMC) are the primary point of contact for members and supervisors; these professionals work collaboratively with members, supervisors, Occupational Health Teams (OHT) and other supporting players to coordinate case management activities
  • The program ensures each case is managed with the same standards of fairness, timeliness and respect
  • Disability management and accommodation is a shared responsibility; members, community healthcare providers, supervisors, DMAs, DMCs and the OHT all have important responsibilities within the program

More information

Members should contact their supervisor or for further information