Tips to ensure successful completion of RCMP application forms

The following list of tips has been created to help you when filling out the various forms required for the recruiting process. These tips are based on common errors experienced by applicants. Remember: correctly completed forms and document will help expedite your recruiting process!

General Tips

  • ALL forms must be filled out electronically. No handwritten forms will be accepted, regardless of the directions stated on the form.
  • All signatures must be done by hand. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.

Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire (RMAQ) RCMP 5096

  • The questions contained in this form pertain to your honesty, integrity and ethics. We ask that you complete your RMAQ as thoroughly and accurately as possible.
  • If you select "yes" to a question, remember to provide a detailed explanation.

Suitability Screening Form RCMP 1980

  • In Section 3, please list all police organizations, regardless of your application status.
  • Sign and Date Sections 9 and 10.

Friends and Associates Suitability Screening RCMP 3165

  • Only include friends and associates that you have known for at least three (3) years.
  • Provide full legal names including:
    • Middle names – no initials. If a reference does not have a middle name, indicate this by typing "NMN" in the space provided. NMN (No Middle Name).
    • Previous surnames or maiden names used by the reference. Indicate these by typing the previous surname or maiden name in brackets. Example: Sally Jane Smith (Jones).
    • If reference has only used maiden name. Indicate this by typing (maiden) after surname. Example: Sally Jane Jones (Maiden).
  • Friends and Associates cannot be:
    • Related to you or any other reference used on your application.
    • Be in a relationship with any other reference used on your application.
    • Used as any other reference in your application.
      • Note: Other references includes Friend and Associate, Employment Supervisor, Character, and Neighbourhood.
    • Provide complete addresses, including completed suffixes (i.e. Street, Avenue).
      • P.O. Boxes and Rural Route Numbers are not an acceptable address. If the physical street address is not available, provide a land location or GPS coordinates.

Acknowledgement of Professional Responsibilities in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP 6465

  • Only Acknowledgement 1 requires completion; the remaining Acknowledgements will be required at a later date.
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