Sensitive and International Investigations

Sensitive and International Investigations (SII) investigate sensitive, high risk matters that cause significant threats to Canada's political, economic and social integrity of its institutions across Canada and internationally. Jurisdiction over offences investigated is not limited by a territory/region but by the nature of the offence.

International Anti-Corruption Team

  • Investigate Canadian companies, Canadian citizens or residents bribing foreign officials under the Corruption of Foreign Public Official's Act (CFPOA) or the Canadian Criminal Code (Fraud, Money Laundering (ML), Breach of Trust); and
  • Assist foreign jurisdictions with Mutual Legal Assistant Treaty (MLAT) requests to Canada regarding foreign bribery.

Domestic Corruption & Political Investigations

  • Investigate allegations of financial crimes such as fraud, corruption, procurement on Federal employees at the Director & higher management level;
  • Investigate elected officials, Senators or Executives of the Federal government on allegations of fraud, financial crimes, corruption & breach of trust;
  • Investigate allegations of financial crimes committed against the Federal government and or its institutions. The sensitive nature of the allegation may supercede a threshold amount; and
  • Investigate allegations of illegal lobbying activities.

War Crimes & Torture

  • Investigate allegations of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes committed by Canadian citizens (living in or outside Canada), by an individual being present or visiting Canada, or if the victim was a Canadian citizen at the time of the crime; and
  • Investigate allegations of torture to Canadian citizens while outside of Canada by foreign officials.

Cyber Crime

  • Investigate cyber incidents where technology is the target and that has an impact at a national level. This includes cyber attacks to critical infrastructure and government of Canada systems;
  • Investigate state sponsored cyber incidents; and
  • Assist foreign jurisdictions as it relates to cyber incidents.
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