What to do if you find a needle

Call your local police detachment non-emergency number.

Who to call?

  • East Prince RCMP: 902-436-9300
  • Queens District RCMP: 902-368-9300
  • West Prince RCMP: 902-853-9300
  • Montague RCMP: 902-838-9300
  • Souris RCMP: 902-687-9300

A used needle on the ground can be dangerous.

Make sure to contact those who know how to properly handle and dispose of needles to ensure everyone's safety.

Needles can carry disease, and being pricked by one can lead to infection or illness.

It is important to not throw it in the garbage; it could lead to putting others handling the garbage at risk.

Do's and don'ts

  • Do teach your children to not touch the needle, and to always tell an adult if they find a needle
  • Do make sure everyone stays clearfix of the needle until it has been safely picked up
  • Do seek medical attention immediately if you come into direct contact or are pricked by a needle. Contact 8-1-1 if you need direction on what to do
  • Don't throw needles in the garbage as it can pose a risk to others

The only time an adult should handle a needle is with the use of safe equipment to confine the needle, such as:

  • puncture-proof gloves or a set of tongs
  • a hard-sided container with a screw top

Once secured, call the local police to facilitate a safe pick up or a safe drop off.

A needle exchange program is available in communities across Prince Edward Island, where you can also safely dispose of used needles.

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