Nunavut – success stories

Through innovative initiatives and programs, the RCMP works with its partners, connects with communities and supports its people in order to keep Canadians safe.

Nunavut Proactive Recruiting

In 2016, the Nunavut RCMP Proactive Recruiting unit visited 13 different communities throughout the territory. Three communities hosted a large career fair, collectively drawing in more than 800 attendees. These events allowed the Nunavut RCMP to obtain significant exposure and network with agencies and businesses from various regions. While visiting these communities, members of the recruiting unit conducted career presentations and met with perspective applicants. These activities laid the foundation for community interaction that our recruiters will renew during future visits.

Nunavut youth initiatives

In 2016, Nunavut RCMP Recruiting participated in three separate youth initiatives involving Inuit youth ages 16-19. The first is the Aboriginal Pre-Cadet Training Program. During this eight-week commitment, a Nunavut youth attended the RCMP Training Academy, known as Depot, in Regina, Saskatchewan, for three weeks and then undertook a community safety project (a Bike Rodeo) during a five-week period once back in Iqaluit. The second is the Northwest Region Depot Youth Camp. Four individuals from across the territory traveled to Depot for a one-week exposure to 'Depot life'. The third initiative involved the Nunavut RCMP Community Policing section selecting six youths from across the territory to participate in a first responders camp held in Ottawa, Ontario. The youth were exposed to all of the various careers within the first responders' field.

The Polar Bike Project

An initiative led by an RCMP officer and his spouse living and working in Kugluktuk, Nunavut, helped bring bikes north for the community's youth. Eighty bikes were donated to the community, which fostered great relationships between the youth, the Kugluktuk Youth Centre, and the RCMP detachment. Lost bikes are often returned to the detachment building instead of being stolen, and the local RCMP officer says he's noticed parents are more willing to talk to him thanks to his connection with their kids.

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