The RCMP’s Name the Foal contest is coming soon

March 26, 2024
Ottawa, Ontario

Media Advisory


A black horse stands with her foal in their stall

The RCMP's annual Name the Foal contest is returning, from April 8 to 26. Children aged 14 years and younger, along with school classes from across Canada, are once again encouraged to submit their best names for our newborn horses. This year, we're looking for names starting with the letter "A".

These aren't just any baby horses. One day, they could go on to join the world-famous Musical Ride. We'll be naming up to 10 foals through this contest.

Quick facts:

  • The RCMP has been breeding its famous black horses since 1939
  • The RCMP Musical Ride Breeding Program is one of the largest licensed Hanoverian breeders in Canada
  • The breeding program is internationally recognized for producing some of the finest horses in Canada
  • The newborns spend the first three years of their lives at the Packenham breeding farm, growing and developing before moving on to the Musical Ride
  • The Musical Ride has played an important role in the organization since its first public performance in 1876


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