Toronto couple charged after 13 million dollars’ worth of illicit drugs was discovered

November 15, 2023
Windsor, Ontario

News release

On March 4, 2023, a semi-truck coming into Canada at the Ambassador Bridge border crossing, was carrying what seemed to be a legitimate shipment of goods. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) border services officers directed the vehicle to secondary inspection and discovered suspected methamphetamines hidden within the load, weighing approximately 300 kg. The driver was arrested, handed over to the RCMP and subsequently released.

Windsor RCMP Border Integrity (BI) with assistance from CBSA Intelligence and Enforcement Operations Division (IEOD) – Windsor began an in-depth investigation to determine where the methamphetamine was coming from and who was responsible. Windsor RCMP BI identified Marvin Watson (31 years old) of Toronto, Ontario, as the suspected organizer of the initial shipment. His partner, Maria Kiguru (33 years old), from Toronto, was also suspected of having been involved in the criminal activity.

Investigators gathered evidence that led them to believe that Watson and Kiguru were responsible for more than just trafficking in methamphetamine. During the investigation, police observed Watson arrive at his residence in a moving van. Police stopped the vehicle and arrested Watson finding 120 kgs of cocaine in the van.

Search warrants were executed by RCMP with assistance from CBSA at the joint residence of Watson and Kiguru in Toronto. The search resulted in officers finding and seizing more drugs, including 100 kgs of methamphetamine, one kg of opium, 2 kilograms of MDMA, and several kilograms of marijuana. Officers also found evidence of possession of proceeds of crime and money laundering.

Both Watson and Kiguru were arrested. Watson remains in custody and Kiguru is waiting for her next court date. Charges for each are as follows:

Maria Kiguru

  • Importation of methamphetamine contrary to sec 6(1) of CDSA
  • Conspiracy to Import contrary to sec 465(1) of CCC
  • Money laundering contrary to sec 462.31 of CCC
  • Proceeds of crime offences contrary to sec 354(1) of CCC

Marvin Watson

  • Importation of methamphetamine contrary to sec (6) of CDSA
  • Conspiracy to import, contrary to sec 465(1) of CCC
  • Possession for Purpose of Trafficking – Cocaine, contrary to sec 5(2) of CDSA
  • Possession for Purpose of Trafficking – Methamphetamine, contrary to sec 5(2) of CDSA
  • money laundering contrary to sec 462.31 of CCC
  • proceeds of crime offences. contrary to sec 354(1) of CCC

As a result of this investigation, RCMP and CBSA prevented 13 million dollars' worth of harmful drugs from hitting Canadian streets.

This file was successful due to the joint efforts of the RCMP Windsor Border Integrity, CBSA and Homeland Security Investigations. We would also like to thank the following RCMP teams: Special I, Niagara on the Lake Border Integrity Unit, O Division Border Integrity Air Domain, Toronto Airport Detachment, O Division Criminal Analysis Section and Digital Forensic Services Unit. Additional thank you to Toronto Police Service and the U.S. Department of Forensic Sciences for their support on this file.

"CBSA and the RCMP continue to get positive results from our collaboration to protect Canada's borders. This seizure of cash and contraband is one more example of how our combined services are keeping Ontario citizens safe from criminal activities."

- Supt. Rae Bolsterli, RCMP O Division, OIC Border Integrity

"CBSA border services officers are committed to ensuring public safety. Their careful attention has led to one of the largest land border seizures of methamphetamines for the Agency. This is tremendous work by all involved."

Joseph Chayeski, Director, Ambassador Bridge District Operations, Canada Border Services Agency

Fast Facts

  • Anyone with information regarding criminal activity is encouraged to contact their local police, the RCMP at 1-800-387-0020 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.
  • Smuggling narcotics and other Customs Act contraventions may lead to prosecution in a court of law. For foreign nationals this may mean removal from Canada, and a ban on returning to Canada.
  • For the latest contraband statistics, visit Canada Border Services Agency seizures.
  • For facts on declaring currency, visit Canada Border Services Agency declaring currency.
  • If you have information about suspicious cross-border activity, please contact the CBSA Border Watch Line at 1-888-502-9060.

Windsor Border Integrity (BI) is focused on cross-border crime. Their operations involve marine-based patrols including Shiprider patrols with the US Coast Guard; investigating smuggling at and between the ports of entry; investigating irregular migration; and investigating other border related federal offences. Windsor BI is responsible for the border between the US and Canada from the southern end of Manitoulin Island to the eastern part of Lake Erie.


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