RCMP O Division (Ontario) welcomes new Commanding Officer at official Change of Command Ceremony

November 1, 2023
Toronto, Ontario

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RCMP O Division's new Commanding Officer, Assistant Commissioner Matt Peggs addresses invited guests, policing partners and RCMP employees at the official Change of Command Ceremony.
Former Commanding Officer, Deputy Commissioner Jodie Boudreau, and new Commanding Officer, Assistant Commissioner Matt Peggs, with RCMP Commissioner Mike Duheme who is holding the O Division ensign
The O Division ensign consists of a sprig of three maple leaves conjoined on one stem from a trillium

Today, RCMP O Division (Ontario) members and employees officially welcomed Assistant Commissioner Matt Peggs as their new Commanding Officer, in a ceremony held in Toronto.

The formal change of command involved a ceremonial troop and Ensign party. RCMP Commissioner Mike Duheme symbolically turned over the reins of the Division by signing a parchment and exchanging the Divisional Ensign from the outgoing Commanding Officer, Deputy Commissioner Jodie Boudreau to the new Divisional Commander.

"It's my pleasure to officially welcome Assistant Commissioner Matt Peggs to his role as Commanding Officer of Ontario, and to thank Deputy Commissioner Jodie Boudreau for her dedicated leadership as Commanding Officer since 2019, " said Mike Duheme, Commissioner of the RCMP. "Matt, your career up to this point has exemplified so many of the things we tell new recruits they can hope for when they join the RCMP. Thank you for your continued commitment and hard work."

Speaking to employees, partners and dignitaries at the ceremony, Assistant Commissioner Matt Peggs said, "I would like to begin by paying tribute to my many mentors here today, who have guided me throughout my career. As Commanding Officer, I see my role as continuing to build on the foundations that Deputy Commissioner Boudreau constructed. Those foundations are crucial for providing the kind of organizational structure that allows the RCMP to work efficiently and effectively with our domestic and international partners."

The Role of Divisional Commanding Officer:

The title of Commanding Officer is reserved specifically for the regular member in charge of an RCMP division. The individual's rank does not necessarily reflect their status as Commanding Officer – the RCMP has Commanding Officers who are Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners and Chief Superintendents. The Commanding Officer's rank is determined by the individual's level of responsibility, the territory covered by the division and the number of employees under their command.

About the O Division Ensign:

An ensign is a regiment's distinguishing flag. In April 1991, the Chief Herald of Canada assigned an ensign to the RCMP, as well as separate ensigns for each RCMP Division. In 1992, then Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn officially presented them to the RCMP. The O Division Ensign consists of a sprig of three maple leaves conjoined on one stem from a trillium. The two primary symbols of the province of Ontario, the sprig of maple leaves drawn from the Arms of that province, and the Trillium, official flower of Ontario, have been combined to form a uniquely attractive badge.

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