RCMP O Division attends Treaty annuity payments

August 8, 2023
London, Ontario

News release


Cst. Jeff Chartrand (far left) and Cst. Serge Montreuil (far right) stand with members of Indigenous Services Canada during the Nipissing treaty annuity payment event
Cst. Jeff Chartrand (left) and Cst. Serge Montreuil (right) shake hands with Band member Fred Bellefeuille at Nipissing First Nation
Cst. Serge Montreuil (left) and Cst. Jeff Chartrand (right) stand with Band members Kenneth Dokis and Alicia Speck at Nipissing First Nation

In cooperation with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), RCMP members are attending select Indigenous Communities throughout Ontario this summer where they will participate in the Treaty payment process. In consultation with treaty communities across Ontario, we have participated in 18 events, ranging from two to five days and impacting more than 40 First Nation communities.

Over 14 million people live in Ontario. This is only possible due to the historic treaties that were negotiated with First Nations people, where they agreed to share their traditional territories in exchange for goods and services from the Crown.

These treaties provide a framework for living together and sharing the land Indigenous peoples traditionally occupied. One that provides employment, food, shelter and comfort to millions of residents. These agreements provide the foundations for ongoing co-operation and partnership as we move forward together to advance reconciliation.

"By honouring these Treaty annuity payments, we show our gratitude and respect to the Indigenous people who have given so much to all of us."

Chief Superintendent Matt Peggs, Acting Commanding Officer, RCMP O Division

Fast Facts

RCMP O Division created the Indigenous Liaison Unit (ILU) in April of 2022. The Indigenous Liaison Officers in the Unit are responsible for opening pathways and maintaining communications with First Nation Police Services and Indigenous communities throughout Ontario. The liaison officers work closely with multiple partners to ensure the delivery of programs and events within the Province and aim to achieve reconciliation while maintaining the values of the RCMP.


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