PEI RCMP Issue Advisory on Break-and-Enter Incidents

November 29, 2023
Cornwall, Prince Edward Island

News release

In the wake of a noticed increase in break-and-enter incidents over the past several days, Queens District RCMP is urging residents to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to protect their properties and vehicles. The spike in reported cases primarily involves outdoor buildings, sheds, and entry into unlocked vehicles, with several incidents reported in the Cornwall and Stratford areas.

PEI RCMP is advising residents to take the following precautions to enhance property protection:

Secure Outdoor Buildings and Sheds:
• Ensure that all outdoor buildings are properly secured with robust locking mechanisms.
• Consider installing motion sensor lights to deter potential intruders, either electric or solar powered.
• If possible, store valuable items in a more secure location or install additional security measures, such as security systems, or cameras.

Lock Vehicles and Remove Valuables:
• Always lock your vehicle, even if you are only stepping away for a short period.
• Avoid leaving valuables, such as electronics, wallets, or other valuable items, visible in your car.
• If feasible, park your vehicle in well-lit and high-visibility areas.

Sergeant Nick Doyle, RCMP Queens District Commander, emphasized the importance of community cooperation in preventing and solving these crimes. "We encourage residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police, neighbours looking out for each other is always a good thing. Working together as a community is crucial in ensuring the safety and security of our neighborhoods," said Doyle.

The RCMP is actively patrolling the affected areas and has increased its presence to address the current situation. Residents are reminded to call Queens District RCMP at 902-368-9300 or to PEI Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) if they wish to report a crime or any suspicious activity.


Contact information

Scott C. Ferris
Senior Communications Advisor
Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Prince Edward Island

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