Ottawa youth arrested on terrorism offences

December 16, 2023
Ottawa, Ontario

News release

On December 15, 2023, the RCMP Federal Policing Integrated National Security Enforcement Team in Ottawa, in cooperation with, and support from, the Ottawa Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, Canadian Security Intelligence Service and other National Security Partners, arrested and charged a young person for terrorism-related offences under the Criminal Code of Canada in connection with terrorist activity.

The young person was charged with the following offences:

  • Facilitation of a terrorist activity by communicating instructional material related to an explosive substance contrary to subsection 83.19(1) of the Criminal Code; and,
  • Knowingly instructing, directly or indirectly, a person to carry out a terrorist activity against Jewish persons contrary to subsection 83.22(1) of the Criminal Code.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act prevents any further release of information regarding this individual.

The RCMP would like to recognize the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Ottawa Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police Provincial Anti-Terrorism Section, the Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre, and other national security partners for their indispensable collaboration. The intelligence and support provided by CSIS were critical to the arrest. This is another example of how strong cooperation between security and intelligence agencies keeps Canadians safe and secure. The RCMP is committed to continue working in partnership with both domestic and foreign agencies to keep Canadians safe and secure and protect Canadian interests at home and abroad.

General information:

  • The RCMP is seeing a concerning trend of violent extremism and terrorist use of the internet, including amongst young persons.
  • Since June 2023, the RCMP has arrested five young persons on terrorism-related offences – either terrorism related charges or laying of information for a Terrorism Offence Peace Bond.

Warning signs of radicalization:

Advanced recognition of the early warning signs of radicalization to violence and intervening at an early stage is essential in helping to prevent an individual from participating in criminal activities, and mobilizing towards violent behaviour.

Violent extremism, whether it is religiously, politically or ideologically motivated, continues to represent a significant threat to public safety. The persistent threats of extremist violence and terrorist violence must be taken seriously. It is important to understand that extremism can stem from a range of motivations and personal grievances, driven by hatred and fear, and includes a complex range of threat actors. (Source: CSIS Public Report 2022)

We're asking adults in positions of authority (i.e. parents, guardians, teachers, coaches) to be alert for behaviours of concern which may be linked to violent extremism or other issues which should not be ignored:

  • Increasingly exclusive association with new social groups supporting or promoting violence;
  • Expression of antagonistic "us vs. them" attitudes or the belief that violence is the only solution to perceived problems;
  • Dehumanization of others; the conviction that their pain or suffering does not matter or is somehow deserved or just;
  • Extreme anti-government attitudes;
  • Clear statements of intention to carry out violent acts;
  • Attempts to recruit or co-opt others to the cause.

If you have concerns that someone is considering, planning, or preparing to commit an act of violence or to help others in committing acts of terrorism, contacting your local police department would be a good first step. The sooner the better, as they may be able to help prevent someone from crossing the line into criminal actions.

If you prefer to contact the RCMP directly, non‐emergency tips can be reported to the RCMP National Security Information Network by phone at 1‐800‐420‐5805 or by email at If there is an immediate threat to your safety, please call 911.

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