Statement by Commissioner Brenda Lucki

June 21, 2022
Ottawa, Ontario


I want to acknowledge and address information included in the foundational document issued by the Mass Casualty Commission (MCC). As a police officer, and the RCMP Commissioner, I would never take actions or decisions that could jeopardize an investigation. I did not interfere in the ongoing investigations into the largest mass shooting in Canadian history. It is important to note that the sharing of information and briefings with the Minister of Public Safety are necessary, particularly during a mass shooting on Canadian soil. This is standard procedure, and does not impact the integrity of ongoing investigations or interfere with the independence of the RCMP. I take the principle of police independence extremely seriously, and it has been and will continue to be fully respected in all interactions.

The horrific events of April 2020, in Nova Scotia have forever changed the lives of victims' families, community members and RCMP employees across Nova Scotia and beyond. Several days after the mass shooting, I met with Nova Scotia RCMP colleagues to discuss a number of things. This included the flow of information to RCMP national headquarters on the investigation and the public release of information. It was a tense discussion, and I regret the way I approached the meeting and the impact it had on those in attendance. My need for information should have been better weighed against the seriousness of the circumstances they were experiencing. I should have been more sensitive in my approach. Had I led the meeting differently, these employees would have felt more supported during what I know was an extremely difficult time.

The RCMP continues to be an active participant in the MCC. I will be providing testimony in the coming weeks and the RCMP will continue to support the Commission's important work.


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