Saskatchewan RCMP: on duty in your community -September 12 to Sunday, September 18, 2022, inclusive

September 21, 2022
Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan

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Parked police vehicle

Please note all information below occurred within the time period above, unless otherwise noted.

Saskatchewan RCMP – Your Provincial Police Service

Saskatchewan RCMP also reminds farmers to protect vehicles from theft. In the past month, Saskatchewan RCMP has received a number of reports of thefts of trucks parked in fields, including from the Carnduff, Humboldt, Prince Albert, Melville and Weyburn detachment areas.

Saskatchewan RCMP offers farmers the following tips to help deter vehicle thefts:

  • Avoid idling an unoccupied vehicle.
  • Install an anti-theft system if your vehicle does not have one, or use a steering wheel lock to deter thieves.
  • Lock parked vehicles and remove the keys. While it might be handy to leave a set in or hidden near a vehicle just in case it must be moved, it's also handy for thieves. Last year in Saskatchewan, at least 29% of all stolen vehicles had keys inside.
  • While it's not always possible during farming operations, try to park vehicles in well-lit, secure areas, or garages, as often as possible.


When the call comes, Saskatchewan's search and rescue teams have to be ready to work quickly, thoroughly and cohesively. This past weekend, Saskatchewan RCMP Search and Rescue, local fire departments, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA), Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers (SARSAV) and Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) practiced these skills at a multi-jurisdictional exercise at Good Spirit Lake. They worked together and "responded" to a realistic mock scenario involving a natural disaster. Saskatchewan RCMP thanks SARSAV for organizing this important and effective exercise.

  • September 12: At approximately 3:07 p.m., Esterhazy RCMP received a report of a two-vehicle collision on Highway #16 near Bredenbury. A passenger from one of the vehicles was declared deceased by EMS personnel at the scene of the collision. The passenger was identified as a 94-year-old female from Yorkton and her family has been notified. Both drivers were transported to the hospital with injuries described as minor in nature. Esterhazy RCMP continue to investigate with the assistance of a Saskatchewan RCMP Collision Reconstructionist.
  • September 13: Spiritwood RCMP: charges laid for firearms discharged investigation
  • September 14: Meadow Lake/Green Lake RCMP: three individuals located deceased in submerged vehicle
  • September 14: Charges are laid against a 16-year-old male after a report of an assault at North Battleford Comprehensive High School on September 14, 2022. The youth cannot be named as per the Youth Criminal Justice Act. He is charged with: 1 count, aggravated assault, section 268 of the Criminal Code; 1 count, Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, section 88 of the Criminal Code, 1 count, carry a concealed weapon, section 90 of the Criminal Code. He will appear in provincial court next on October 13, 2022 at 1:30 p.m. in North Battleford.
  • September 15: Saskatchewan RCMP Commanding Officer statement regarding ongoing investigation on James Smith Cree Nation and in Weldon, SK
  • September 18: Shaunavon RCMP assisted emergency service responders in a single small aircraft crash near Shaunavon, SK, which left two deceased. A Saskatchewan RCMP Reconstructionist attended the scene to assist with the investigation and officers from the Shaunavon RCMP assisted with securing the scene for further investigation.

Incidents in Saskatchewan RCMP jurisdiction September 12 to 18, 2022

Please note: the statistics below are representative of reports received within the Saskatchewan RCMP jurisdiction. They are from the RCMP records management system and are accurate as the day they are collected. Crime statistics are regularly updated due to changes in reporting procedures, changes in ongoing investigations, etc. As a result, the statistics below may differ from previous or future published reports.

Divisional Operational Communications Centre (does not include calls for service by the public directly to local RCMP detachments)
Calls for service total 6741
Highest volume of calls for service was on September 17, 2022 1204
Reports of Impaired Drivers (RID calls) 80

Persons Offences (number of incidents, not victims)
Homicide 0
Homicides year to date (January, 2022 to last day encompassed in this report) 26
Sexual assaults 15
Sexual crime - other (invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference) 9


Aggravated Assault 5
Assault 174
Assault with weapon or cauing bodily harm 52
Robbery 5
Firearms (use of in the commission of an offence, discharge with intent, pointing a firearm) 5
Kidnapping/forcible confinement 1
Harassment/uttering threats 117
Other persons offences (domestic or family dispute, criminal negligence causing bodily harm, extortion with firearm, mischief – danger to life, etc.) 29
Property Offences
Break and Enter Total 112
Number of break and enters to a business 27
Number of break and enters to a residence 64
Number of other break and enters (encompasses sheds, storage containers, unattached garages, etc.) 20
Theft Total 261
Other theft over $5,000 42
Theft $5,000 or under 178
Number of theft of motor vehicle 41
Mischief 507
Number of mischief - damage to property 170
Number of mischief - obstruct enjoyment of property (example: unwanted, intoxicated person at a residence) 336
Other Criminal Code Offences
Bail violations 128
Breach of probation 23
Failure to appear 33
Disturbing the peace 199

Reports of intimate partner and family violence

  • Time period reported is quarterly.
  • Data represents number of victims, as there may be more than one victim on a specific investigative file. An individual victimized more than once in a timeframe would be counted more than once. Due to common relationship types in intimate and family violence categories, totals should not be combined.
  • Intimate partner refers to violence committed by spouses (legally married, separated, divorced and common-law), current and former dating partner, or someone with whom the victim was in another type of intimate relationship.
  • Family violence refers to violence committed by spouses (legally married, separated, divorced and common-law), parents (biological, step, adoptive and foster), children (biological, step, adopted and foster), siblings (biological, step, half, adopted and foster) and extended family members (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and in-laws).
April 2022
Intimate partner violence 371
Family violence 320
May 2022
Intimate partner violence 375
Family violence 385
June 2022
Intimate partner violence 362
Family violence 362
Total intimate partner violence April-June, 2022 1060
Total family violence April-June, 2022 1119
Impaired-related offences 95
Number of roadside suspensions 4
Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle 26
Speeding (this does not include automated speed enforcement fines issued) 1326
Fines issued 894
Warnings issued (education-focused interaction between police and public) 432
Collisions 153
Dangerous driving 10
Fatal collisions (number of incidents, not victims) 2

Non-offence Codes (generally, instances where Criminal Codes or Provincial/Federal Statutes aren't broken – for example abandoned vehicles, animal calls, school visits, property or wellbeing checks, etc.)

Assistance 292
False alarms 142
Breach of peace 109
911 Act – other activities 147
Suspicious person/vehicle/property 261
Mental health act (generally, police officers responding to reports of persons thinking about suicide, or people with mental illness and requiring assistance): 155

Non-suspicious sudden deaths/Coroner's Act (Every non-suspicious sudden death police officers respond to including reports of persons who died by suicide, natural, accident or undetermined. Specific breakdowns by cause of death are unavailable.)



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