What you need to know about getting a criminal record check or vulnerable sector check at your local Saskatchewan RCMP detachment

September 29, 2022
Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan

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A criminal record check form

There are two main types of record checks provided at your local Saskatchewan RCMP detachment: criminal record checks and vulnerable sector checks.

A criminal record check determines if you have criminal convictions. You may be asked to provide the results of one for a variety of reasons: employment, volunteer work, adoption, immigration, travel or if you are changing your name.

A vulnerable sector check is a name-based check, plus a check to see if you have a record suspension (pardon) for sexual offences. You are required to attend in person to apply for a name-based check. There is only one reason you should be asked to provide the results of a vulnerable sector check: if you are working or volunteering with children or vulnerable persons in a position of authority or trust.

Learn more about the two types of checks here.

If you require either type of check, you have to visit the local RCMP detachment that serves your primary home address. You are required to attend in person to apply for a name-based check. It's best to call ahead to see when you can schedule a time to attend. Many Saskatchewan RCMP detachments have specific hours for when they accept criminal record check and vulnerable sector check applications. Plan ahead so you can take into account hours of service and processing times. Contact your local RCMP Detachment or police service for more information.

When you visit, you must bring two pieces of valid government-issued ID, including one with a photo. This could include a driver's license, passport, status card or possession and acquisition license.

If you require a vulnerable sector check, Saskatchewan RCMP also requires you to present an official letter from the requesting workplace or organization. This letter can't be a generic form letter and must be specific to the position or role you will be fulfilling. It must contain details about the position and the children or vulnerable persons you'll work and interact with. If you're volunteering, the letter must also indicate that you'll receive no pay.

This letter will help the RCMP detachment determine if the position meets the requirement for a vulnerable sector check; it's an offence to conduct a vulnerable sector check if the position does not meet the requirements of the Criminal Records Act.

Note that the Saskatchewan RCMP is unable to conduct vulnerable sector checks for youth under the age of 18. A criminal record check will always be negative for a youth, but there are some exceptions for federal/provincial/municipal work or volunteer positions.

If you have questions, call your local Saskatchewan RCMP detachment. Find yours here.


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