Yukon RCMP arrest suspect in attempted murder

February 18, 2021
Whitehorse, Yukon

News release

In the afternoon of February 17, 2021, Yukon RCMP received a request for assistance from the Saskatchewan RCMP Major Crime Unit to arrest a suspect of an attempted murder in Lemsford Ferry Regional Park, Saskatchewan. The suspect was believed to have recently travelled to Whitehorse and was believed to be armed and dangerous.

Yukon RCMP's Major Crime Unit (MCU) and Crime Reduction Team (CRU) located the suspect's vehicle parked at a location in the Porter Creek Industrial neighborhood. The Yukon RCMP Critical Incident Program (CIP) was deployed to the area. Early this morning, the CIP, NCU and CRU safely arrested the suspect and seized a number of firearms and ammunition from the suspect's vehicle and location where he was found.

Kirk Andrew Rudolph, age 51, of Saskatchewan is charged with the following:

  • Attempt Murder s. 239(1)(b), Aggravated Assault s. 268;
  • Arson endanger life s. 433(b);
  • Obstruct Justice s.139(1); and
  • Public Mischief s.464(b) stemming from the investigation in Saskatchewan.

He will also likely be facing a number of firearms related criminal charges here in the Yukon. Mr. Rudolph is currently remanded in custody and awaiting to be transported back to Saskatchewan.

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