RCMP reminder: use of radar detectors is illegal in PEI

December 17, 2020
Prince, Queens and Kings Districts, Prince Edward Island

News release



The RCMP would like to remind motorists that using any device in a motor vehicle to detect the presence of police radar, or other electronic speed measuring equipment, is prohibited under Section 135 of the PEI Highway Traffic Act.

The RCMP have a number of police vehicles equipped with Radar Detector Detector Units (RDDU) that are very effective in detecting the presence of a radar detector in use, including many devices that are advertised as being undetectable.

Section 135 of the Highway Traffic Act also gives a police officer the power to stop, enter, and search a motor vehicle that they have reasonable grounds to believe is equipped with a radar warning device, and to seize any such device that is found.

Drivers found to be using a radar warning device are subject to a $150 fine and surcharge, and the forfeiture and destruction of the device.

Pictured are a number of radar detectors that have been recently seized that are going to be destroyed.


Contact information

S/Sgt. Kevin Baillie
PEI, L Division, Criminal Operations

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