Government of Canada invests $98.9M over five years to modernize the RCMP and strengthen its foundations to help fight money laundering and identify proceeds of crime

December 17, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario

News release

New Integrated Money Laundering Investigative Teams (IMLITs) will be created in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, bringing together expertise from a variety of agencies to address high-profile cases and advance money laundering and proceeds of crime (ML/POC) investigations nation-wide.

The RCMP is also making investments in information management/information technology, secure communications, and data analytics to improve Federal Policing operational and investigative capacities and capabilities, including enhanced support for ML/POC investigations.

Recognizing a collective effort is key, it is envisaged that as well as RCMP members, each IMLIT may include personnel from the Canada Border Services Agency, Canada Revenue Agency, Forensic Accounting Management Group, and a Public Prosecution Service of Canada Advisory Crown Council. Police of jurisdiction may also be called on a case-by-case basis. These new integrated teams will work collaboratively to identify, seize, restrain, and forfeit illicit and unreported wealth accumulated by the highest level of organized crime.

Investing in foundational technology will help the RCMP to deliver effective services that meet the expectations of Canadians and address the most serious threats to public safety and security. Modernizing will enable the RCMP to process complex data/digital evidence in a fraction of the time that it takes using traditional methods. Using new and innovative data science tools will support the highest priority investigations and bolster disruption efforts against increasingly sophisticated criminal networks in an ever-challenging and changing investigative environment.

Alongside these investments and initiatives, the RCMP has mandated the pursuit of ML/POC cases at the onset of all major federal investigations.

The RCMP remains committed to working with all levels of domestic and international government and public and private partners to share in the effort of combatting money laundering and protecting the economic integrity of our country.


Integrated Money Laundering Investigative Teams will help to increase the RCMP's ability to target, investigate and disrupt professional money laundering and international money controller networks and pursue proceeds of crime investigations.

Peter Payne, Superintendent/Director of Financial Crime, Federal Policing Criminal Operations

Organized crime groups continue to fund and further their criminal networks through money laundering. Investigating this crime is growing in complexity, especially with criminal adoption of today's rapidly evolving technologies. Being able to quickly process massive volumes of complex data is key to upholding the law, protecting the public and administering justice.

Michel Arcand, Assistant Commissioner of Federal Policing Criminal Operations

Investing in foundational improvements will enhance our efforts in money laundering and proceeds of crime as well as all major investigations. The RCMP and its Federal Policing program remain committed and active contributors in the domestic and international response to money laundering - we will continue to follow the money, and we are thankful for the federal government's financial support.

Michael Duheme, Deputy Commissioner of Federal Policing

Quick facts

  • $98.9M budget breakdown:
    • $19.8M for new Integrated Money Laundering Investigative Teams
    • $63.5M for foundational investments
    • $10.1M for operational support
    • $5.5M for internal services
  • Funding will also support approx. 60 new full-time employees.
  • 20 of these employees will work within the new Integrated Money Laundering Investigative Teams.

Media availability

RCMP subject matter experts on money laundering and proceeds of crime will be available between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. (EST) today.

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