Saint-Basile - RCMP New Brunswick occurrences


61 occurrences were reported in Saint-Basile to date in 2024.

45 occurrences for same period in 2023.

List of occurrences and totals in Saint-Basile.
Break and enter0
Drug offence0
Mental Health Act3
Robbery and extortion0
Theft of motor vehicle0
Theft of over $5,0000
All other occurrences55

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The occurrences included in the New Brunswick occurrences map do not represent all calls for service in RCMP jurisdiction in New Brunswick. Further breakdown of the numbers provided in the New Brunswick occurrences map is not available. "All other occurrences" includes occurrences that do not fall into the ones highlighted on the map. The ones displayed on the map have been chosen because they are the types of occurrences that communities ask frequently for. The "All Other Occurrences" category may include the following:

  • Agency defined activities (abandoned 911 calls, false alarms, assistance to the public, assistance to other agencies, suspicious persons, etc.)
  • Other criminal offences (breach of court order, domestic violence, offences under Federal Acts, etc.)
  • Traffic-related offences (Motor Vehicle Act offences, traffic collisions, etc.)

Annual reconciliation of New Brunswick RCMP statistics is provided in the New Brunswick RCMP annual report.

For more information regarding RCMP calls for service in New Brunswick, please see the daily occurrence reports.

Every attempt is made to provide accurate and consistent information; however, statistics and descriptions may be subject to change based on the results of ongoing investigations, file closures, reclassification of files, and other factors.

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