Sackville Municipal - RCMP New Brunswick occurrences


1,082 occurrences were reported in Sackville Municipal to date in 2021.

963 occurrences for same period in 2020.

List of occurrences and totals in Sackville Municipal.
Break and enter13
Drug offence4
Mental Health Act44
Robbery and extortion2
Theft of motor vehicle10
Theft of over $5,0002
All other occurrences960

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The occurrences included in the New Brunswick occurrences map do not represent all calls for service in RCMP jurisdiction in New Brunswick. Further breakdown of the numbers provided in the New Brunswick occurrences map is not available. Annual reconciliation of New Brunswick RCMP statistics is provided in the New Brunswick RCMP annual report.

For more information regarding RCMP calls for service in New Brunswick, please see the daily occurrence reports.

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